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When you think of a global organization, what company would you consider? What has made this company successful on a global level? Please provide a link to the company’s website and list at least 3 countries where they operate.  You must reference your work and include both in-text citations (also known as parenthetical citations) and a full reference using the APA style. 

•Do not select the following popular global companies:  McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart and Target. 

•Do not select the same company as another student.  For example, if one student selects Nando’s as his/her global organization, you should select a different company. 

•5 additional points will be deducted if you select the same company as another student who has already posted information about that company.

•Please type/write the global company’s official name or parent company name. For example, Target’s official name is Target Corporation and one of Coca-Cola company’s official name is The Coca-Cola Company.  The best resources to fine




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