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For this project, you will hypothetically be running for office. you would like to run for the Texas House of Representatives. my address is 3257 W Northgate Dr, and i am running for House of representative. This is the link for my district House of representative.


  1. Go to your current representative’s page, and look at the district analysis documents.
    1. What does your district look like (in terms of population, age, education, employment, election results)?
    2. What issues arise based on the district’s demographics (this will help you think about your platform)
    3. Is your district gerrymandered

Your Platform, and Party Politics: (you have to take both surveys!)

  1. Know yourself.  Take these surveys to identify your political leanings:
    1.  (Political party quiz)
    2.   (Ideology quiz)
    3. Submit screenshots of your results (both surveys). Explain your results.  What do they say about you?
  2. Given your results, and your previous district analysis research, what is your platform?  Choose at least 3 issue stands to develop.
  3. Compare your issue stands with the official party platforms of your party:
    1. Texas Democratic Party platform:
    2. Texas Republican Party platform: -PLATFORM.pdfe party?
    3. Where do your ideas diverge from the party?


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