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BSBREL401 establish network

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Formative assessment
Activity 1.
1. Identify five question you could ask another person at a networking event to begin to eatablish a relationship with them. 40-80 words

2. Think about business relationship or friendship you currently have. How do you maintain those relationships? 40-80 words

Activity 2.
1. Choose an industry ( eg the wedding industry, pet related business, real esate, child-related business) and make a list of the types of business organisations in that industry should network with and pursue to maximise their range of contacts. What opportunities might they have for maximising their contacts? 75-100 words

2. How would you record, store and categories contact details people you meet at networking events? Why would you use this method? 75-100words

Activity 3.
1. What do you consider to be the main reasons why you should network? 75-100words

2. What do you think is the most important benefit? Why? What do you think is the least important benefit? Why?

3. How might you communicate information regarding new networks and their benefits? 10-25words

4. To whom should you communicate this information? 10-25 words

Activity 4.
Locate three professional associations in an industry you are interested in (eg accountancy, advertising). Find out what they offer to members in the way of professional development to maintain knowledge and skills. evaluate the professional development opportunities offered by each association.
Write a report on your findings and explain which association you would choose to become a member and why.

Activity 5.
1. You have made a new network contact. You have exchanged relevant information and believe that the contact you have made will be useful for a particular client. How will you go about developing a good relationships with your new contact and how will you negotiate the appropriate level of support that can be provided for the client? If possible use an example, from your work, to describe the procedures you would follow. 100-150words

2. Write one page code of ethnics that could be used to ensure that you maintain relationship that assist you in meeting organisational/ client requirements. The code od ethnics should be also used to maintain trust and confidence of contacts through demonstrations of high standards of business practices. Do not limit your responses to information provided in the text
The code should have two componets:
a. An inspirational section that outlines the organisation’s aspirations—the ideals to which it hopes to live up
b. A list of rules or principles, to which members of the organisation will be expected to adhere.

You might need to conduct your own research to complete this task,

Activity 6.
1. Think about a time when you were involved in a negotiation. This might have been a time when you undertook negotiation in the process of buying a house or a car. It might have been a situation in which you negotiated a pay rise. Alternately, it might have been a time when you negotiated what movie to see or what restaurant to go with friend. Describe the situation. What negotiation skills did you use? Was the outcome of the negotiation positive? Why/why not? What would you do differently next time you were involved in a negotiation? 100-150 words

2. Negotiation is a problem-sloving process. You need to identify the problem, gather data, determine the best problem, make a decision about the problem solution and implement the solution.
Effective collaboration with others is necessary for win-win solutions. Explain what a win-win situation is and how it can be achieved. 100-150 words

Activity 7.
1. Think about a time you were faced with a problem. How did you solve that problem? How did you/ might you have used collaborative problem-solving techniques to solve that problem? 75-100words

2. Why is it necessary to use collaboration when negotiating problem solutions? 75-100words

Activity 8.
1. From whom could you seek specialist advice in the development of contacts? 75-100 words

2. Locate a specialist networking organisation. What do they do? What networking specialist advice do they offer? How can you become a member of or join the networking group? Do you think this organisation could provide a valuable role in helping you to develop more contacts? Why/ why not? 100-150words?

Activity 9.
What are the strategies might you utilise to communicate the goals and objectives of a particulars networking relationship to the management of the organisation for which you work? 100-150 words

Activity 10
1. Use effective writing skills to create an email asking a potential contact for help to grow your business. 50- 75 words

2. Write a script of a conversation that you might have with a potential contact to establish what they do and how a relationship with them might be mutually beneficial. Assume that English is not a first language for the person that you are speaking to. (100-150words)

3. Design and develop a written presentation promoting:
a. An organisation and its products/ service
b. A particular product or service that this organisation offers.
Put this into email format ready for an electronic mail out to a contact list. 250 -500words

Activity 11.
1. When making verbal presentations you should, if possible, collect feedback from your audience in order to determine whether you presented the information clearly and whether the presentation material met the needs of the audience. What do you think are the best ways to do this? 100-150 words

2. Design a set of questions that you might ask your audience to determine what they thought of the presentation (not the product or service being offered). 100-150words

Summative assessment 1.
Question 1.
Explain the strategies you would to establish and maintain business relationship. 200-500words

Question 2.
What networks, organisations, agencies etc could you join to make useful contacts? Explain 100-150words

Question 3.
Describe the principles and techniques needed to negotiate positive outcomes. 150-500 words

Question 4.
Explain how you can use policies and procedures to make sure you comply with an organisation’s expectation in relation to establishing business relationships. 100-150words

Question 5
Outline methods of obtaining feedback on promotional activities. 100-150words

Summative assessment 2.
Project 1.
You have been asked to write a series of short articles for a networking magazine. There are six articles in all
The topics of the articles are:
1. What networking is and its benefits
2. How to establish and maintain network contacts/ relationships
3. Networking ethically.
4. How to negotiate and get what you want from network contacts/ relationships.
5. How network contacts can help you solve problems
6. Identifying your networking goals and finding ways of fulfilling them.

Each articles should be at least 500 words



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