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Argument essay, Should the United States legalize prostitution

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The primary learning objective of this paper is to develop awareness of the importance of investigating and analyzing controversial issues. The second learning objective of this paper is to formulate opinion statements and explain positions on controversial issues.
Requirements: This essay is to be 500-600 words formatted in the MLA style.
What is an argument essay?
An argument essay should be developed to discuss a debatable issue which is still discussed from a variety of perspectives.
What is the goal of an argument essay? If there are two views on the issue, determine the basis of the argument.Find at least three points to support your claim and three points which oppose your claim.Then write a detailed explanation of the two views. How would you fill in this chart?Use the chart for prewriting.A pro-con chart will be part of the writing process to submit with the draft and final draft of the essay.List the subject and thesis and fill in the chart.



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