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Ethic Assignment

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Read the attached Ethic Case Study and reference any code of ethics adopted by any professional or trades organization to answer the following questions:
Q1. What is the main ethical issue in the case study? Describe any circumstances to help the reader to fully appreciate the issue.
Q2. What caused the issue/problem in the first place?
Q3.In your point of view, which of the following courses of action that could have been taken by Engineer A are considered ethical?
Explain your answers.
1. Engineer A could immediately contact managers of the other company and report the suspicious practices at Dicers company.
2. Engineer A could inform higher level management of Dicers company of the practices enforced by the supervisor, but Engineer A shouldn’t release this issue to any outside party prior to any further investigation.
3. Engineer A, could have informed news agencies about this issue and retaliate the action of Dicers company.
Q4.Discuss your rationale for declining the other options.



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