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Pop culture analysis

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In order to properly engage your pop-culture source, draw from course material and use the following key questions to help construct an argument. You are not required to interact with each question, but should allow them to guide your analysis.
– How is race defined in this source?
– How is religion defined in this source?
– How are race and religion related and in conversation with one another in this source?
– How does race help construct religion in this source?
– How does religion help construct race in this source?
– Are there any racial stereotypes perpetuated?
– Who is the intended audience and what message is being communicated to them?
– What is the broader cultural context of this source and how does that influence the source?
– What is the discourse communicated by the source? In other words, what is the source trying to communicate and how does it fit into the broader popular culture?
– What/whom is being served by the discourse of this source?
– How does the source shape conceptions of religion and race in popular American culture?



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