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Anthropology Assignment

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Answer three of the following six questions. Be brief but detail-oriented and always use proper anthropological terminology. Limit your essays to 500 words each. You have only one attempt to submit your essays. Please read the questions below carefully and submit your essays when ready. I will not accept revised essays.
1. Does science (anthropology) make sense without theory? Explain using examples. 2. Is Darwin’s concept of natural selection significant for the anthropological goal of explaining cultural adaptation, diversity, and change? Explain, use examples. 3. Is culture a problem or panacea? Discuss using examples. 4. Discuss the relationship between language, perception, and thought. Use examples. 5. Why people gave up foraging for agriculture? Was that transition beneficial? Why or why not? 6. Is political competition found in all societies? Are warfare and aggression inescapable for human beings? Explain, give examples.



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