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 Develop sufficient technical vocabulary and knowledge to understand and explain the structure of English phonology, morphology and syntax, in order to assist English learners as they develop oral and written language skills.
 Describe how first and subsequent languages are acquired and learned, and the roles of positive transfer and interlanguage in educational contexts.
 Explain how language change occurs over time.
 Demonstrate knowledge of the benefits of developing and maintaining literacy in both
L1 and L2 and explain how first and second language development may differ in terms of proficiency and literacy development.
 Demonstrate respect for English learners’ home languages and dialects, while using them as a foundation for developing cognitive academic language in English.
 Apply knowledge of socio-cultural, psychological, and political variables to facilitate the process of learning English.
 Demonstrate knowledge about other languages and cultures, and exhibit a willingness to advocate for English language learners and their families.
 Discuss the role of individual learner variables in the process of learning English.
 Compare immigrant, refugee, political asylee, unaccompanied minor and other cultural/linguistic minority experiences and describe the effects of varied socio-cultural contexts on learning in schools.



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