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In this assignment, you will write a report based on research of a selected business that is known globally. You will provide an analysis on opportunities, risks, cultural impacts, and technological impacts in global business, based on this company. We have already reviewed several global companies but a few examples are as follows: Microsoft, Google, FedEx, Marriott but you are urged to explore on your own for one that interests you.
Include the following in your report:
Title page: Add a title page with your name, date, and assignment title. Introduction: Write an introductory paragraph providing background information about your chosen company and other pertinent information. Describe the company’s opportunities and risks in doing business globally. (You can expand into any issues they have faced or successes, and how they handled these). Describe the company’s cultural and technological impacts in doing business globally. (You can expand into how they handle cultural diversity, changes, or issues). Summarize the information you have learned regarding global business. Comment on the opportunities and risks in global business and on the impact of technology on global business.



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