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BSBMKG414 Undertake marketing activitis

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Formative question
Activity 1.
1. What is marketing? (20-40words)

2. What is the USP? (20-40 words)

3. Consider an organisation with a strong market presence. How does the organisation market itself and what is its USP? (50-75 words)

Activity 2.
1. What might policies and procedures used in the workplace in regard to marketing activities be based on? (30-50 words)

2. What information can you find in an organisation’s marketing plan in relation to pricing? What will the organisation have taken into account when setting pricing levels? 100-150words

Activity 3.
How can you determine the need for marketing activities? Provide at least three examples.

Activity 4.
1. How can you investigate previous marketing activities for relevant information? Provide at least five examples.

2. Describe the meaning of tactical, strategic and investment decision that might have been made in previous marketing activities. 1sentence each

Activity 5.
1. Explain the value of profiling the market segment. 75-125words

2. Think about a product that has been successfully marketed. Identify the market segments that have been targeted as part of the marketing campaign. 20-40words

Activity 6.
1. What is positioning? 1 sentence

2. What is market mix? 20-40words

3. Describe how to create a positioning strategy. 150-200 words

Activity 7.
1. What question might an organisation ask to identify expected marketing activity outcomes? Provides at least three examples.

2. How can colleagues be prepared for marketing activities? Provide at least two examples.

Activity 8.
1. How can information be analysed? Provide at least three examples

2. What question do you need to ask when conducting a customer analysis? Provide at least five examples
Activity 9.
1. What steps can be taken to develop activity plans? 1 sentence

2. What resource might be needed for documenting work activities? Provide at least three examples

Activity 10
1. From whom should you seek approval for plans? Provides at least three examples

2. What processes could you go through to obtain approval of plans? 1 sentence

Activity 11.
1. What types of resouces can be required for implementing marketing activities? Provide three examples.

2. You have been asked to put together a sample bag to be given out at a product launch. What will you need to do? 75-125 words

Activity 12
1. What type of marketing activities might an organisation become involved in? Provide at least two examples.

2. Consider an organisation with a strong market presence. What types of activities does it undertake? Which work best? Why? 50-75 words

Activity 13
1. Outline the responsibilities of a copywriter. 30-50words

2. Who are considered relevant marketing personnel within an organisation? Provide at least five examples.

Activity 14.
1. How can marketing activities be reviewed? Provide at least five examples.

2. When marketing activities have been reviewed, how can they be amended? 30-50words

Activity 15
1. How can outcomes of marketing activities be measured? Provide at least three examples.

2. How can outcomes of marketing activities be documented? Provide at least two examples.

Activity 16.
1. Hoe can you review expected outcomes of marketing activities? 40-60words

2. How can they be documented? 1 sentence

Acitivty 17.
What are the main components of a report? You shoud able to identify at least 10

Summative assessment 1
Question 1.
Identify the seven basic steps in planning marketing activities.

Question 2
List five examples of basic marketing activities.

Question 3.
Describe the difference between organisational policies, procedures and practices. 150-200 words

Question 4.
Outline how market research can be used to assess suitability of an organisation’s existing products. Why is it difficult to introduce and market a new product or service? 75-100words

Summative Assessment 2.
The owner of a new animal training school, which uses a special new technique and claims to be able to teach dogs read, contacts your advertising agency.
The short-term goal of the new training school is to expand its small premises on the outskirts of Brisbane to a nationally recognised company with many school in all the major cities and large provincial towns
The long-term goal of the school is to expand, over a 10 year period, from its base in Australia into America.
Describe in a report form how you would put together a team to :
• Conduct market research
• Develop product knowledge
• Examine the situation including previous marketing activities and decide on a plan of action
• Clearly describe the goals that you have set
• How you would allocate roles and responsibilities to individuals members of your team
• What resources will you required (including team members)
• Set realistic timeline for your campaign
• Describe how you will obtain budget figures and relate actual cost to the budget
• Compile and attach an agenda for the inaugural team meetings
• Outline promotional activities that should be planned and some advertising methods that could be used but may not be appropriate
• Detail why, in your opinion, they would not be appropriate
• Describe how you intend to set up relationships with relevant groups and what groups would be targeted
• What networks will be used to assist in the promotion
• What brainstorming is and why it can be useful
• Review marketing activities



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