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1. A sound has an intensity of 8.50 x 10-3 W/m2 at 2.75 m. What is its intensity at 42.0 m 2. A dolphin is swimming toward a diver at 5.00 m/s and the diver is swimming toward the dolphin at 1.50 m/s when the dolphin emits a sound at 2500 Hz. What frequency does the diver hear? The speed of sound in seawater is 1533 m/s. 3. Harmonic waves. a. Write the equation for a harmonic wave with amplitude of 5.00 cm, a frequency of 35.0 Hz, and a wavelength of 4.50 m, traveling to the left. b. Calculate the phase constant if y = 3.80 cm at time = 4.25 sec and x = 0 m. c. What is the phase velocity of the wave? 4. The human ear canal can be modeled as a tube, open at one end, closed at the other, 17 mm long. Assuming the speed of sound in air is 343 m/s, a. What fundamental frequency would resonate in the ear? b. Sketch a diagram of the ear canal and the standing wave at the fundamental frequency. c. c. What is the next highest frequency that would resonate in the ear?
Cause and Effect Essay Assignment
For this essay assignment, you will write 4-5 pagess, making a causal argument about an issue related to social justice. An argument of cause can begin with an effect and make claims about underlying causes. Alternatively, it can identify a cause and make claims about effects that will result. It might trace a chain of such causes and effects. Causal arguments rarely offer absolute or single causes; they are usually complex and involve a great deal of critical thinking. You will need to select an issue from the list below: • Gender inequality • Racial inequality • Inequality on the basis of bodily ability/disability • Inequality on the basis of age • Economic inequality • Inequality on the basis of nationality • Linguistic/language inequality • Educational inequality



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