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Academic research paper on ”The multiplying economic impact of Open Government Data Platforms”.

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Subject Introduction: The last decade has seen a significant increase in the utilization of information and communication technologies (ICTs), as well as a movement toward open data “that is machine-readable, freely shared, used and built without restrictions” , and government applications are encouraging the development of Open Government Data Platforms (OGDPs) around the world. OGDPs offer new and innovative public interest benefits, as they unlock economic value by improving efficiency, existing processes and creating new products, services and markets, some of which are yet to be imagined. McKinsey estimates the potential annual global value enabled by open data between US$3.2 trillion and US$5.4 trillion. In the transportation sector alone, this valuation could reach as much as US$1 trillion. The European Commission estimates that making public data available for reuse could generate as much as €40 billion in economic benefits. ——————————————— The writer we are looking for should have a proven and demonstrated track record for top quality academic level research and writing. The writer should hold at least a Masters degree from a recognized university and should be ready to have his academic credentials challenged. The writer should expect additional writing assignments in support of this research, such as blog articles, of between 750 and 2000 words



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