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The Movement to Protect a Cultural Landscape PBS NewsHour: Why the fate of Bears’ Ears Cultural Monument is Uncertain 1. What was the primary purpose behind the creation of each video? In other words, what message(s) are being conveyed in each case? 2. For each video, identify 3 reasons provided to protect the monument. 3. In the PBS NewsHour clip, what arguments are given against granting National Monument status to Bears’ Ears? Identify the various stakeholders mentioned in the newsclip. 4. The narrative of each video is written through a different cultural lens. How would you describe the cultural lens of each video? (Pro tip: It is not enough to say the first video was written through a Native American lens; try to describe the characteristics of that lens in your own words, based on what you see in the video. Ditto for the second video.) 5. Do you believe the tribal coalition should have primary jurisdiction over the fate of Bears’ Ears? Why or why not?



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