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Question 1
1. How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the size of the country?
A. It stayed basically the same.
B. It was cut in half.
C. It doubled.
D. It quadrupled.
Question 2
2. How did people bring religion west with them?
A. They practiced quietly at home.
B. Preachers settled towns as people moved west.
C. Itinerant preachers spread their religions.
D. Churches were the first things built in towns.
Question 3
3. The appeal of the West was that many Americans wanted
A. gold.
B. war.
C. land.
D. peace.
Question 4
4. The religious gatherings that took place during the Second Great Awakening were called _______ meetings.
A. religious
B. fort
C. camp
D. state
Question 5
5. How did Ralph Waldo Emerson impact American society?
A. He created a community united around his religion.
B. He led the transcendentalist movement.
C. He founded New Harmony, Indiana.
D. He wrote Walden.
Question 6
6. How did the factory system impact towns?
A. Factories had no impact on towns.
B. Factories replaced towns as places to live.
C. Towns grew around factories and specific industries.
D. Towns were replaced by factories.
Question 7
7. As the party system grew, which group had expanded voting rights?
A. White men
B. Native Americans
C. African Americans
D. Women
Question 8
8. Before the US capital was in Washington, DC, where was it?
A. Philadelphia
B. New York City
C. Charlestown
D. Albany
Question 9
9. Which state was a part of the Louisiana Purchase?
A. Maine
B. Utah
C. Kansas
D. West Virginia
Question 10
10. _______ sold the Louisiana Territory to Jefferson.
A. The King of England
B. The King of France
C. The Governor of Louisiana
D. Napoleon
Question 11
11. Which region was more industrial in the mid-1800s?
A. The Northeast
B. The West
C. The North
D. The South
Question 12
12. Who designed the District of Columbia?
A. Pierre Charles L’Enfant
B. Meriwether Lewis
C. William Clark
D. Thomas Jefferson
Question 13
13. Who won the election of 1796?
A. Aaron Burr
B. Thomas Jefferson
C. John Adams
D. Alexander Hamilton
Question 14
14. What role did John Marshall serve in the new government?
A. Head of Congress
B. President
C. Chief Justice
D. Vice president
Question 15
15. Who constructed railroads?
A. National governments
B. Private investors
C. Native American tribes
D. State governments
Question 16
16. How did John Quincy Adams treat Native Americans?
A. He made peace with many Native American nations.
B. He forced them to go on the Trail of Tears.
C. He overturned a treaty that was signed unfairly.
D. He formed many reservations for Native Americans to move to.
Question 17
17. Jefferson’s more liberal view of expanding rights for all Americans was most favored by what region of the country?
A. East
B. Northeast
C. South
D. Western Territory
Question 18
18. What did George Stephenson invent?
A. The cotton gin
B. The steam locomotive
C. The sewing machine
D. The telegraph
Question 19
19. Which government entity did Jackson challenge as president?
A. The National Bank
B. The vice presidency
C. Congress
D. The Supreme Court
Question 20
20. The Treaty of _______ ended the war of 1812.
A. Yorktown
B. Versailles
C. Ghent
D. Paris



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