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Select a text you think you plan to use in your Project 3 (you will still be allowed to change your mind, but you will save yourself time in the long run if you take the time to carefully choose a text that you think will inspire you for Project 3). Browse through that text again, in search of “meaty” quotes—in other words, quotes that don’t just speak for themselves, but quotes that you could unpack and analyze. For Project 3, the best meaty quotes will inspire you to say something about what the writer is DOING — something that connects to one of your chosen rhetorical strategies and tools. In other words, you should not choose quotes that simply inspire you to summarize the content/topic.
1. Copy your three meaty quotes here—and don’t forget to note the page number of the text on which they appear!
2. Choose one of the three meaty quotes from #1, and write a paragraph in which you develop your ideas about why you think it is interesting and what you think the writer is doing by choosing these words and presenting them in this way.



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