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1. Why is budgeting and financial management in the Criminal Justice System important? (150 Words Minimum)

2. Why should portable technical devices like “Body Cameras” or “Mobile Face and/or Fingerprint Scanners” for police officers, correctional officers, detectives and the like, be included in the budget projection for the criminal justice system? Will it increase or complicate the budget for the department who is willing to use this devices? (150 Words Minimum)

3. Identify and thoroughly explain the difference and similarities between Traditional Lobbying and Grassroots Lobbying. (150 Words Minimum)

4. Which functions account for the greatest share of federal, state, and local government expenditures? Does the pattern differ much among states?(150 Words Minimum)

5. Service-delivery choices in the budget process involve several roles, each with different approaches and biases. The major attitude orientations are those of operating agencies, the office of the chief executive, and the legislature. Each, however, works from different perspectives, resulting in different incentives and different practical definitions of that objective. Thoroughly explain the roles of the operating agencies, the office of the chief executive, and the legislature; in the budget process.(150 Word Minimum)

6. Has the public sector grown relative to the private sector? How does the size of the federal government compare with that of state and local governments? (A benchmark for comparison is the percentage of GDP or personal income accounted for by the appropriate sector). (150 Words Minimum)

7. Explain what is meant by the sentence, “A fund is a fiscal and an accounting entity”? (150 Words Minimum)

8. During the period 1995 to 2005, which grew faster, federal government current expenditures or state and local government current expenditures? Thoroughly explain. (150 words Minimum)



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