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PHY 120 Unit 4 Discussion: Light

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It’s important not only to understand the fundamental concepts of physics, but also to apply them. Please use the Internet or ECPI Online Library to research at least ONE professional or scholarly article that shows how different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum are applied in real life. Some key words you might consider using for your search are:
• Ultraviolet light
• Infrared light
• Electromagnetic spectrum
• Radio frequencies
Please include the following in your initial post:
• Provide a brief summary of your research.
• Discuss any ethical or practical considerations that might arise from this application of the concept. These might include (but are not limited to) environmental impact, safety concerns, or issues of effectiveness.
• Your summary must be in your own words.
• Be sure to cite your source(s) and include the URL.
Note: If a classmate has chosen the same application of a concept, you must research another application of that concept.
HINT for finding information: When performing a search, input the words “Technology using” or “Applications of” _________ (type in the concept) in the search box of a search engine). Some possible sources to search:
• Phys.org
• Gizmag.com
• Cnet.com
• Sciencenews.org
• Sciencemag.org



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