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Critique – Journal Article

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Your critique should have a title page that only includes the name of the article, the source of the article, the author’s name(s), and your name. Prepare and type an additional one to two-page double-spaced critique with 1” margins and a Times New Roman font of 12 covering the following: 1. Introduction: ! Mention the author, article’s title, thesis and main points ! Briefly discuss relevant background information relating to the scientific issue or problem presented in the article; write this as a short summary of the article. 2. Analysis: ! What is the author’s purpose for writing (inform, persuade, recommend, etc)? ! Who do you believe the author’s target audience is? ! What are the author’s supporting points? Do they directly support the main idea? Are they based on research; or are they simply someone’s opinion? ! Briefly discuss the research methodology (Did they only do research by referring to other articles or did they do their own experiments?) 3. Relevance and Applicability: ! Is the author’s article effective? Why or why not? Do you agree with the author’s conclusions? Why or why not? ! What implications (resulting effects) do the main points and conclusions present to the scientific (or other) community, people, environment, etc? How could you use the author’s findings in your future studies? ! Can you apply the findings to your own life? If so, how? If not, why not? ! Would you recommend this article to others? Why or why not?



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