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Swiss Army

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Discuss how the relevant facts relate to or support decision making

Criminal Justice Policy Issue

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Identify another journal article related to your criminal justice policy issue for the literature review of your final paper and prepare a summary of the journal article for presentation to the class. This week, you are presenting a presentation of the journal article to the class via this discussion. In Week 5, you will submit your formal journal article review, with your summation of the discussion from Week 4

MGT 630 • Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Sustainability Initiatives

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Though sustainability initiatives are often driven by regulatory requirements, an increasing number of companies notice that they frequently result in decreased operating costs and increased revenues. Recent research has shown a strong and positive link between successful sustainability strategy and corporate value. Thus, sustainability can enhance businesses in several ways. • In a 6 page paper, not including the cover and reference pages, explain and analyze how one organization or company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia benefits from sustainability initiatives. Support this with at least two professional references that support your analysis.

ENC600 What would a global marketing strategy consist of?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

What would you take into consideration during planning? What would be the benefits of a marketing strategy? • Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations, along with at least two scholarly peer-reviewed references in supporting your answer Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced. • 1-page discussion • 4 references • APA style • The paper should talk about personal experience in the work and applying to your work and experience

Discuss the destructive nature of revenge in Hamlet: How does revenge destroy more than its intended target?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Hamlet Research Essay: 750-1000 words. May be longer if you wish. Due: Listed on Blackboard and on syllabus. Format: MLA form for manuscript form (double spacing, standard margins) and for documentation: citation notes within the paper and Works Cited entries at the end of the paper. Guidelines for literary writing: 1. This is a formal paper, so students should avoid the following informal uses: A. Contractions such as it’s and don’t . B. Pronouns such as I and You. “I” is sometimes permissible when giving a direct reaction to another critic’s point, but “you” almost never. 2. All the rules of Standard American English grammar and mechanics must be followed. Proofread especially for sentence errors such as fragments, comma-splices and run-ons. Next, proofread for verb errors. 3. Manuscript form is double spaced throughout the entire paper, including indented quotes and works cited page. Be sure to use hanging indention for the works cited. The standard word processor template will take care of most of the margin issues. 4. As a standard convention, use the present tense when writing about literature. “When Hamlet sees the ghost” not “When Hamlet saw the ghost.” This way, if you have to refer to the past in the play, you can do so by shifting to the simple past. 5.. When you introduce a quote from the story, novel or play, you need to give context: explain where it takes place in the action of the play, not chapter or scene number, and show what point you plan to make with the quote. 6. When you introduce quotes from secondary sources, clearly introduce the point you are trying to make.

Chapters 9 and 10-ERISA

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your answers should be 1- 3 paragraphs long. What are the factors that influence a firm’s ability to pay? Which characteristics of grade structures must be negotiated? List the rules of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) that employers with pension plans must comply with. How do unions typically affect the pay systems for those they represent? Why was the Fair Labor Standards Act enacted? Why are “Grievance Procedures” a high-priority bargaining issue for unions? Explain with an example. What is a “closed shop?” What is meant by “union dues check-off” and how does it benefit all parties?

Global Medical Equipment Industry

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Each student is required to select an industry or a subsector he or she is interested in and prepare a written report covering the sector or subsector at the global level. Your Sector Report Topic should be e-mailed to the instructor no later than February 20. Students interested in writing their sector reports on certain industries are urged to make a request for the industry they want to write a report on as soon as possible without waiting for the February 20 deadline. Be aware that the instructor will confirm the approved sub-sector or industry with a return e-mail.

As you will be introduced to sectors within Turkey during the SEC 302 course, for SEC 301 this report MUST be prepared at the GLOBAL LEVEL. Reports about a specific sector in Turkey or a specific company will NOT be Acceptable. The completed report is to be submitted to the instructor no later than April 30. Please note that sector reports will be checked for plagiarism through “Turn-it-in”.

Your sector (or sub-sector) report that will cover a global sector subsector, or better still, a global industry should at a minimum include the following:
I. Sector(Sub-sector or Industry) participants: (20Points)
• Customers and Products of the Sector or Sub-sector (5 Points)
• Major competitors within sector or sub-sector (5 Points)
• Key Suppliers to the Sector (5 points)
• Identifying substitutes for the sector’s products (5 points)
II. Market (25 Points)
A) Global Market size (5 Points)
B) Major Geographic Markets (5 Points)
C) Industry Growth Rate (5 Points)
D) Drivers of demand growth (5 points)
E) Future of the Sector (5 points)

III. Attractiveness of the sector, subsector, or industry based on expected profitability as a function of the 5 competitive forces: (30 Points)
A) Assessment of the Bargaining Power of the Industry Customers (5 Points)
B) Assessment of the Bargaining Power of Industry’s Suppliers (5 Points) Sub-sector suppliers are industries that supply inputs to the sub-sector
C) Assessment of the Intensity of Rivalry among Industry Incumbents (5 Points)
D) Assessment of the Threat of New Entry into the Sector through an analysis of industry entry barriers (10 Points)
E) Assessment of the Threat of Substitutes to the industry’s offering from other industries (5 Points)

IV. Key success factors (The factors that determine success in this industry or sub-sector; what a comp

Interview a person in a formal position of leadership within your organization

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Interview a person in a formal position of leadership within your organization (e.g., a supervisor, a manager, a director). Begin your interview with the following questions:

  1. What is your role as a health care team member?
  2. How do you define professionalism and how does professional responsibility influence your work?
  3. Do you consider yourself a steward of health care? Why or Why not?
  4. Is it important to you that leaders exercise professional advocacy and authenticity as well as power and influence when working with colleagues? Why or why not?

Numbers And Operations

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Mathematize the world around the children. We offer children the lens from which they can see the math living in their lives every day. You will comment on what meaningful situations would arise for your topic. Where would you see children experiencing this understanding of mathematical understanding?
  2. 2. Concrete learning experiences are paramount for young children to understand the connections to math concepts and their everyday materials and actions. Children need to be helped to use these materials for mathematical purposes. Strategize several materials found in early childhood classrooms that you could use in multiple ways to make these connections between concrete experiences, symbols, pictures and language.
  3. 3. Recognizing receptive understanding means we know that young children understand more concepts that she can speak. It requires us to figure out what the child actually understands and how we can help the child verbalize their understanding. Giving them more words to explain their mathematical understanding will be the next part of this assignment.What words can we communicate to scaffold their understanding of this topic?
  4. 4. Math needs to be multisensory. The more modes we deliver content within the deeper the knowledge expands.Explain the topic with experiences that involve all 5 senses.


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


  1. Based on your knowledge in this course so far, what lessons do you think the world should learn from:
    A. the two global wars of the twentieth century


B. The Great Depression
There is no right or wrong answer here, but your opinion must be supported by evidence. You should use dates, specific names of people and places, and discuss the relevant facts to back up your assessment.

Your answer must specify what these lessons are (or if lessons could not be learned at all) and which groups, persons, or nations these lessons should be applied to. Remember you must provide specific examples and analyses with evidence to support your answer.

Select 3 appropriate countries from the list provided to answer either Question #1 OR Question #2 below.
Countries (Select 3)
United States Russia China
Germany Italy Vietnam
Korea France Britain
Guatemala Cuba Japan
Spain Algeria South Africa
QUESTIONS (Answer all of Question 1 OR all of Question 2).
Question 1.
A. How did the first country you selected become communist?
B. Discuss the rise of fascism in your second selected country.
C. Describe the Cold War in your third selected country.
Question 2.
A. What role did foreign intervention play in the communist revolution which took place in the first country you selected?
B. Explain the foreign influences which gave rise to the fascist government in the second country you selected.
C. How did the leader(s) of the third country you selected respond to the Cold War?


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