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Reaction to statement

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To prepare: Consider the following statement: NASW encourages the adoption of laws that recognize inheritance, insurance, same-sex marriage, child custody, property, and other rights in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationships. The Association firmly believes that all federal protections and responsibilities available to legally married people in the United States should be available to people who enter same sex unions (including domestic partnerships, civil unions, and same sex marriages).

Intelligence agency

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Create your own intelligence agency. You can do this one of two ways–(a) choose one and institute major reforms in its structure; or (b) build a completely new one whose purposes you will choose. For example, if you choose the CIA, you may want to use some of the reforms suggested in the book to change its structure into “centers” for transnational targets; reorganize the way the departments are arranged by geographical areas or subject matters. You may want to abolish some departments and create new ones or combine them, or anything else you can think of that might make a better and more efficient agency. When I was there, each department had its own lawyer who rejected or restricted many of the proposed actions before they could get out of the office. If you choose to create your own agency, who will it report to? The President directly or to the DNI first? Will it be more bureaucratic or a stand-alone super secret place that reports only to the President directly without any middlemen?

The prisoners’ dilemma Newcomb’s

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Valid and sound arguments Necessary and sufficient conditions The prisoners’ dilemma Newcomb’s problem God and morality (specifically the difference between revlation and legislation, and the arguments against the legislation view) Moral objectivism, subjectivism, relativism, nihilism

The STanford PriSon exPerimenT ProjecT

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  1. What were some of the questions the study was designed to research? 2. Who was the main psychologists who led the experiment? What other participants were instrumental in the study? 3. How were people gathered to participate in the study? 4. How did the researchers create the prison? How was it designed to provide the same effect as a real prison? 5. How were prisoners treated upon arrival at the prison and why? 6. What was the “uniform” for a prisoner? Why? 7. Why were the prisoners given ID numbers? 8. Explain the role of the correctional officer. What training did they receive and why? 9. What was the “uniform” for a correctional officer? 10. How did the prison correctional officers assert their authority? What punishments did they use? 11. How did the prisoners assert their independence? 12. How did correctional officers use “special privileges” to retaliate against the prisoners? 13. Why was Prisoner #8162 released? 14. What was the reaction of family members who came to visit the “prison”? 15. What did Gordon Bower ask Zimbardo which angers him, and what does Zimbardo then realize? 16. What were the three types of correctional officers that emerged during the experiment? Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach CCJ 1191 17. Why did the experimenters hold an encounter session after the experiment was over? 18. Answer the following: • Do you think this experiment was ethical? • How did “good” correctional officers respond to the bad behavior of their collegues? • What was learned from the experiment, and was it worth the negative effects it had on participants? • What would make the experiment more ethical? • At what point in the experiment would you have ended the experiment? • Why do you think the writers in the film used “correctional officer” instead of “guards,” which is actually what they were referred to in the actual experiment? • During the experiment, how did the prisoners and correctional officers conform to their roles? • What movie influenced the behavior of some of the correctional officers? • How did Dr. Zimbardo conform to his role as a prison superintendent? Did his role have a positive or negative impact on the study? Explain in detail. • What are Zimbardo’s conclusions about human behavior, based on this experiment?

Consider two mutually exclusive projects

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Consider two mutually exclusive projects A & B. If you subtract the cash flows of opportunity B from the cash flows of opportunity A, then you should:
take opportunity A if the incremental IRR exceeds the cost of capital.
take opportunity B if the regular IRR exceeds the cost of capital.
take opportunity A if the regular IRR exceeds the cost of capital.
take opportunity B if the incremental IRR exceeds the cost of capital.

Similarities and differences between a counselor’s responsibilities as a mandated reporter of child abuse according to federal and state guidelines.

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Include a brief reflection that summarizes your findings and provides your reaction. Your reflection should address the following: Do the laws or regulations conflict? Do they support each other? Did anything surprise you about the laws? Is there anything you would change? Why or why not?

EFB343 Corporate Finance

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PART A – TARGET SELECTION AND FIRM VALUATION (30%) Google (now Alphabet Inc.) is seeking to grow through M&As. Your major task is to locate one potential target that would interest Google and make a deal. Towards this end, you and your team are required to investigate all the listed firms in the U.S. There is no limitation on the industry in which the potential target firm operates, as long as there are decent synergies that can be created through this M&A and it fits the current and future strategic goal(s) of Google. It’s a challenging task, so you and your team should do it step by step accordingly. Step 1. Analyze Google Inc’s strategy, market position and industry overlook. Conduct a full SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of Google. Hint: Useful information can be obtained from Google’s most recent 10K Annual Report, business news or other reliable sources. (5 marks) Step 2. Decide whether Google should make a vertical or horizontal M&A and justify your choice. (2 marks) Step 3. Set the M&A search criteria and identify three listed firms that would potentially interest Google. All the selected potential target firms must have at least five years of accounting information necessary for valuation. To check the availability of accounting information, search for the firm’s 10K annual reports at the following link: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html Briefly discuss (and justify) the criteria that you have used to identify the three target firms. Hint: Some examples of selection criteria are: a. Is the firm in alignment with Google’s vision, long-term strategy and growth objectives? b. What are the potential synergy gains? For example, it could be young firms with a pipe line of innovative projects that may lead to promising products in the future; firms with strong expertise that allow Google to expand its existing expertise in engineering and other functional areas; firms having a presence in a fast-growing industry in which Google wants to enter in; or firms with strong names that can help Google to gain more market power, etc. Here, do some brainstorming! c. Does the firm have post-integration potential, i.e., how likely can Google successfully integrate the firm’s business, technology, human capital and other resources to produce the synergy gains that Google intends to achieve through the acquisition of the firm? (10 marks) 1 For more information on Google’s name change to Alphabet, see “Larry Page Changes Google’s Name to Alphabet — Should You Buy?”, Forbes, 10 August 2015, at https://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2015/08/10/google-changes-its-name-toalphabet/#36161fe9560b. EFB343 – Corporate Finance Group Assignment Semester 1, 2019 3 Step 4. Narrow it down to one particular target. Use the Free Cash Flow Methodology to estimate the value of the target firm and its equity. It shall establish the minimum price of the target firm. Here you need to use the target firm’s past five years financial data to forecast the firm’s future sales, variable cost, fixed cost, depreciation, working capital and capital expenditure. You then need to work out the WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) which will be used as the discount rate for your free cash flow analysis. Below is a step-by-step guide: Construct future cash flows: – Use the average growth rate in sales over the last five years to forecast sales in the next 4 years. – Variable cost is assumed to grow at the same rate as sales. – Use the average depreciation over the last five years as the depreciation for the future. – Use the average fixed cost over the last five years as the fixed cost for the future. – Use the average sales to working capital ratio over the last five years to work out future level of working capital. – Use the average capital expenditure over the last five years as the future capital expenditure. – Make assumptions about the growth rate of future net cash flow after year 4. Justify your assumptions. Calculate the discount rate (WACC): – Get the equity beta for the firm from Yahoo Finance; Risk free rate is assumed to be 2% and market risk premium is assumed to be 5%. – Work out the cost of debt of the firm by checking its interest payment and long-term debt. The information is generally available from the firm’s 10K annual reports. – Use the book value of long-term debt (or total liability) and market value of equity to work out the proportion of debt and equity in your WACC formula. Calculate the value of the target firm: – Find the present value of the cash flows for year 1-4 as well as the terminal value to get the value of the firm. (13 marks) ** Keep all your formulas as simple as possible – don’t go overboard and make them unnecessarily complicated. It makes your assignment difficult to understand which can lead to us not allocating you part marks for your effort, particularly if your answer is incorrect! ** PART B – INDIVIDUAL SELF-REFLECTION (5%) Your lead partner commends you on your group effort in preparing the preliminary report for his perusal. As a final task, he has asked each of your group members to reflect on their personal experience working in a group in such a fast-paced and competitive working environment. Specifically, he has asked each of you to address the following two issues (make sure you address both): 1. Reflect on your contribution to the group and the performance of your own task(s). Hint: You can discuss your contribution to various group processes such as formation of the group, organization of group meetings, allocation of the task(s), formation and enforcement of group policies designed to deal with team problems (e.g., free-riding), and provision of feedback to other group members. (3 marks) EFB343 – Corporate Finance Group Assignment Semester 1, 2019 4 2. What are the two main lessons you have learned from this team work that you can apply to your future team work at university and/or in professional practice? (2 marks) As you prepare your reflection on the above two tasks, make sure to draw on specific examples to clarify your points.

Creative Writing

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visit the following website: https://nancystohlman.com/2013/02/19/30-flash-fiction-prompts/ Read over the numbered writing prompts. Then pick 2 of the prompts to write about. That means you will be creating 2 stories for this module (each worth 10 points). Both stories should be SHORT (“flash fiction”), no longer than 500 words. They can be much shorter than that, of course — even 50, 100, 200 words is fine. Just be sure you’ve written “a story”; in other words, something has to “happen.” It doesn’t have to be a “big thing,” but when the reader is done reading, he/she should feel as if something has changed — could be physically, emotionally, spiritually, philosophically — you name

Multigenre Research Paper

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. For the next steps on this project: identify your audience clearly — by age, gender and even socio-economic background. If you know your audience is tween girls, then your genres will need to be geared to tween girls (think unicorns and music.ly). Completing this step will make the rest of the project easier. You will want to make sure that your audience is not too broad. Narrow your audience as much as you can — by gender, age, economic status, marital status — every single way you can. The more focused your audience is, the better your genres will be. So for example, if your audience is 8 year old girls, you will want to make sure that your genre is one that an 8 year old girl would access.
  2. If you don’t know what genres to use in your project, review the genre definitions sheet — there are about a hundred on there. It is not comprehensive. You may use one not on the list. Remember, all of the creative elements in the project are to be made by you — if you use a poem, you wrote it; a movie — you made and edited. it. You are not allowed to use work of others.
  3. After audience identification: write your thesis. A good start is: this project is about _ and how ____.
  4. After thesis: write your theme. A good start is: The point or message of this paper is _______________.
  5. Now, pick your genres. As you pick them, relate the genre to: 1. the audience; 2. the thesis and 3. the theme. Then, writing your genre will be a piece of cake!
  6. Remember: the expository piece is the meat of the paper. You need to extract research (enough to write a two page paper, so at least two pages of research should be included in your research notebook); paraphrase that research and use it to write the expository piece. You must properly cite the expository piece.

Research argument essay (English Level)

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Research Essay Guidelines Your essay should be between 2 and 4 pages long (1,500-2,000 words, Times New Roman 12, double spaced) and have the following structure: Introduction State the purpose of your essay (a thesis statement) Remember, your purpose depends on the type of your essay: argumentative, descriptive, or analytical Provide background on your topic (In your view, what does your reader need to know in order to make it easier for him/her to understand your topic? Include all relevant information) List all key terms you are going to use later in your essay (if any), but don’t define them in the introduction Provide a roadmap (a brief overview of your essay- its main components) The main body (discussion- this is where you answer your important question(s) Include as many paragraphs as needed to fully address your topic Remember: each paragraph should discuss a stand-alone idea Each paragraph has to have a topic sentence (controlling idea) which has to be developed in the rest of the paragraph Fully define all key terms related to your topic Ensure you have a source in APA style for each fact in your report and do not forget to properly format and refer to your visuals if you decide to use some A personal commentary (OPTIONAL) In one brief paragraph, reflect on your own experience with the phenomenon you have described in your essay. Have you experienced its effects? What is your own opinion about this topic? Do you agree/disagree with the authors/scholars/researchers you cited? What needs to be done to improve the current situation? To prevent possible harm/negative consequences etc.?


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