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Essay: Argumentative Essay on Modern Love

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Write a 4-5 page argumentative essay on the topic of modern love. In your essay, you will make an arguable claim about one aspect of modern love of your choosing, and you will support your claim with examples from your own life and information from at least 4sources.

DS310-D1-HD1 Intro Interdisciplinary Study

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In 3-4 pages, anticipate your progress with your future research. Are you leaning towards changing your topic? How do your disciplines affect what topics you’ve chosen (or are leaning towards), and how do you hope they will affect your future research and career goals?
Is anyone knowledgeable in the IDS field??

Incident Management benefits to an organization

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

• Provide the Name of the literature review and Hyperlink to the literature below. If using the HU Library, look for the “Permalink” icon to provide the permanent URL address.
• Read all Literature Reviews and, for each, provide a one (1) paragraph discussion (250 words) on the specific research problem the researcher(s) have addressed. In addition, identify and discuss the approach to the research (for example, surveys, case studies, interviews, etc.). Often this information is contained in the Abstract Section.
• List any “gaps” in the literature and/or documented future opportunities in research (“recommended future work”) for a specific field discussed in the literature review. What suggestions did each set of researchers make for future research in this topic/field? This information is often found in the “Conclusion” section / chapter of the document.
• Discuss how you plan to incorporate this research into your “695” research proposal” and address any of these identified gaps.


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The case papers should be 1-2 pages max, double spaced and generally follow this outline.
Action Plan (immediate, short/long term)

Composition Journal Question

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Explain several reasons why a play is better seen than read. The film we saw was not just a movie; it was a film version of the play as it appeared on the Broadway stage. What does the visual rendition add to our experience in appreciating Miller’s play?

Unit V Scholarly Activity

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Select a company or organization whose fairness or ethics is currently being scrutinized in the news or in social media. Provide enough background information about your selected company to convey its size and prominence in society, and then explain in detail the alleged fairness and ethics violations. Conclude your paper by choosing to support the allegations or refute them, and explain your reasoning based on what you have learned. In your discussion, be sure to include the information below.
o Summarize the concept of fairness as it relates to decisions.
o Explain how personal and business ethics can be subconsciously overridden in decision-making. Does your selected business exemplify this?
o Describe how the company could improve its image regarding fairness and ethics in decision-making.
Your paper must be a minimum of three pages in length, and it should contain at least two academic references (one maybe the textbook). Please use APA formatting and citations.

Two manufacturers currently are competing for sa

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Two manufacturers currently are competing for sales in two different but equally profitable product lines. In both cases the sales volume for manufacturer 2 is three times as large as that for manufacturer 1. Because of a recent technological breakthrough, both manufacturers will be making a major improvement in both products. However, they are uncertain as to what development and marketing strategy to follow. If both product improvements are developed simultaneously, either manufacturer can have them ready for sale in 12 months. Another alternative is to have a “crash program” to develop only one product first to try to get it marketed ahead of the competition. By doing this, manufacturer 2 could have one product ready for sale in 9 months, whereas manufacturer 1 would require 10 months (because of previous commitments for its production facilities). For either manufacturer, the second product could then be ready for sale in an additional 9 months. For either product line, if both manufacturers market their improved models simultaneously, it is estimated that manufacturer 1 would increase its share of the total future sales of this product by 8 percent of the total (from 25 to 33 percent). Similarly, manufacturer 1 would increase its share by 20, 30, and 40 percent of the total if it marketed the product sooner than manufacturer 2 by 2, 6, and 8 months, respectively. On the other hand, manufacturer 1 would lose 4, 10, 12, and 14 percent of the total if manufacturer 2 marketed it sooner by 1, 3, 7, and 10 months, respectively. Formulate this problem as a two-person, zero-sum game, and then determine which strategy the respective manufacturers should use according to the minimax criterion.

Tom’s Marketing Plan paper

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

use the link above and do the Pricing, Marketing research & Product decisions of the
versatility of the classic shoe line and speak to corporate social responsibility (CSR) from a company’s stand point

Vodafone – Systematic Risk

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Find the recent 60 month return. Compute the average return and then standard deviation for each year. For the same years find average and standard deviation of S&P index. Create two line graphs: one for average return (put year on x-axis and average return of the company and S&P on y-axis) and one for standard deviation (put year on x-axis and standard deviation of the company and S&P on y-axis). In both graphs interpret best and worst years.
Go to finance.yahoo.com and find “Historical Data”. Use the prices that appear in the last column (adjusted for dividend payments and stock splits) to compute return. Next, download S&P 500 index over the same period (Search for S&P 500 on finance.yahoo.com and then go to historical data) then compute return using the prices in the last column.

Environmental aesthetics

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

What do you make of environmental aesthetics? Does it deserve a separate category from things that are made by humans? Be sure to cite either Saito or Carlson in your post. Short 150-200 words


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