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Incident Management benefits to an organization

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

• Provide the Name of the literature review and Hyperlink to the literature below. If using the HU Library, look for the “Permalink” icon to provide the permanent URL address.
• Read all Literature Reviews and, for each, provide a one (1) paragraph discussion (250 words) on the specific research problem the researcher(s) have addressed. In addition, identify and discuss the approach to the research (for example, surveys, case studies, interviews, etc.). Often this information is contained in the Abstract Section.
• List any “gaps” in the literature and/or documented future opportunities in research (“recommended future work”) for a specific field discussed in the literature review. What suggestions did each set of researchers make for future research in this topic/field? This information is often found in the “Conclusion” section / chapter of the document.
• Discuss how you plan to incorporate this research into your “695” research proposal” and address any of these identified gaps.



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