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In the last few years; the Obama Administration began initial talks with communist Cuba on the unofficial normalization of trade relations. That basic policy was a “be nice to Cuban leaders” and it would be reflected in the improved treatment of the Cuban population under the Communist regime. The Pope even visited there. But what was really going on? It didn’t work. The Trump administration has somewhat reverted and stiffened up the policy since Cuba has not responded toward the improvement of human rights relations for their population. Improved rights for their citizens was important in the initial establishment of the Cuban embargo in 1962 by President John Kennedy. Should the U.S. continue or hold off a while? What is the background and what are we giving up? What should we get? What is your recommendation and why? Forget the tired argument that if we are nice to them they will mirror the progress of the U.S. Support your choice of position with reasons and logic, NOT MERELY RAMBLINGS.

Fidel Castro died in 2016, Raul Castro is supposedly stepped down as president but is still in charge of the Communist party. The new president is Miguel Díaz-Canel, previously first vice president of the Council of the State. He is the first official who does not belong to the revolutionary old guard since he wasn’t born when the Cuban Revolution took over the island in the 1950s. He is regarded as an obedient politician whose moderate stance has helped him rise to the upper echelons of power in Cuba.



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