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Assessment 1: Participation Activity 2 – Elevator Pitch

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You are required to develop an elevator pitch to deliver to the CEO of a fictitious company. An elevator pitch is a very short sales pitch used to quickly and simply sell something to someone. It should be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride, that is, 45 secs to about 2 mins, hence the term “elevator pitch”.

  1. You are a millennial recently hired to run a small marketing unit in a small local retail family business (about 20 employees) that has been established since 1998. The business, BG & Sons, has not been doing so well in recent times due to a loss in revenue from reduced sales. After doing some investigation, you have discovered that the business’ competitors are all thriving due to an uptake in their e-commerce activities. The CEO of BG & Sons, Mrs. Green, is reluctant to go this e-commerce route for several reasons; she claims that: Both she and her employees have little knowledge of e-commerce and its potential and so would not know where to start.
  2. She is quite comfortable continuing in the traditional way and furthermore, has no money to sustain an e-commerce venture.
  3. She is suspicious of going online due to security concerns.
  4. As a recent graduate of an e-Commerce course, you are brimming with ideas for why Mrs. Green should seriously consider going the e-commerce route.
  5. Develop a 45-seconds to 2-minutes, persuasive speech and an infographic (a visual chart or diagram) to support the speech, to convince Mrs. Green of why she should embrace e-commerce for her business.


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