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Argumentative essays which are worth arguing!

It is difficult to find someone, even a skilled essay writer, who does not love a good argumentative essay every now and then, particularly when they think they are right about a certain thing! So as expected, when the students are asked to write an argumentative essay, they are more than likely to jump at the opportunity to defend their point of view on the given topic while making it certain to back it up with reasoning, logic and evidence that of course, are all the crucial elements of a well written argumentative essay. While writing your argumentative essay, it will be helpful to also consider your audiences because it will make a clear difference in the pace you set for the argument.

Choosing the best argumentative essay topic

When choosing the best topics for an argumentative essay you will require a number of things in mind; the foundation for an essay of this kind will be the topic that stems from some contentious issue, so it is at all times beneficial to choose the topic you are personally fervent about. The presence of immense passion in your essay writing will no doubt lead to a powerful and efficient paper for the reason that the topic’s importance to your final paper, however as a writer you will in addition need to do an extensive research so that your argument is not just presented in a well thought out, clear and organized manner, but is coherent as well. This is where our expert argumentative essay writers can help. Allow them provide you with the research that you need to ensure that your argument is credible, using their unlimited access to an infinite amount of reliable resources. The most suitable and best argumentative essay topics to select for your paper will be contemporary, relevant, arguable, and have some notable value to you, the writer. Value in your expected paper will without a doubt encourage you to research and analyse your topic a little deeper just because you are personally interested in what you have decided to write about. Take a clear look at the following list of ideas for the argumentative essay topics, definitely they will give you some insight into the kind of topics you are passionate in writing about.

  • Is euthanasia inhumane?
  • Does the community depend so much on technology?
  • Is Michael Jordan the finest basketball player of all time?
  • Should people be taking a test to become parents?
  • Italians are healthy because they take red wine
  • Did sex and drugs define the 1960s?
  • Are humans exclusively responsible for the Global Warming?
  • Should people choose to have health care or not?
  • Are we very dependent on foreign oil?
  • Is the education policy ‘No Child Left behind’ working?
  • Should school uniform be mandatory in schools?
  • The media affects children’s minds
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Mothers are superior parents than fathers
  • Divorced parents must always share the custody of their children
  • Social media is corrupting relationships
  • Convicted prisoners live a better life in prisons than out
  • Society and the laws are too soft on Child Sex offenders
  • Sexual education is the duty of the school system
  • Should racial profiling be legalized?
  • Are all Americans sexual prudes?


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