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Revision Policy

Revision Rule

Usukessays.com takes full responsibility to ensure that all the customers are 100% contented with every order submitted by our service.

It is clear that revisions go hand in hand with professional academic writing. Revisions are expected changes that we give to our clients when they are not contented with the paper we write for them. There are variety styles of revisions and this makes our company to have a list of revision rules to simplify the procedure and make it fair for the customer, assigned writer who handled it, and to us the to the Usukessays.com company.

Below are the rules to guide the customers who wish their papers to revised:

  1. If the client wishes his or her paper to be revised, he/she should send a review request by consulting the client support section on time. Clients can contact us for revision requests through the live chat on our site, phone or through official email. We only work on the revision request which is only within the limits of the revision rules.
  2. If our customer is not satisfied with the work after downloading the paper, he/she has a chance of sending revision request by contacting our client support section.

Please understand that by reading the data enclosed here and accepting that you have understood the information, you are protected legally by the terms shown in the Revision Policy.

Revisions can only be paid under the following conditions:

  1. If the customer alter the directives when the assigned writer has started working on the paper. The money which the writer gets will be equal to the work which has been done on the paper at the time the client makes a revision appeal.
  2. If the customer has got comments or feedback from his/her lecturer and it shows that new information will be added and additional pages will be needed, client support manager will evaluate and contact the writer on the number of pages required in order to follow lecturer’s comment.
  3. If in deliberately gives information, some part of complete paper directives were changed and failed to consult client support section within duration of two hours after the payment process, extra cost will be needed.
  4. If the client mentioned some particular sources to be used in the paper and they is not accessible online free, client must either purchase these resources or some additional cost will be required for us to acquire sources. In case our company team failed to response to phone calls and writer has to write papers using the materials he/she had found for him/herself, all other additional sources sent by the customer will be termed as new information and any revisions will be for a cost.

Ukusessays.com main objective is to ensure that our clients are contented with all the writings we do for them without compromising on the high quality of the written paper. If the client appeals for a review for the work that has been submitted, we humbly accept the formal application and do the changes as per our revision rules below;

  1. Make sure that the revision details of your order are the same with the instructions you had given in the first order. The instructions in both should be the same. For example, if you had chosen a particular writer to involve five relevant scholarly references in the first order, the review request must strictly have the five scholarly references. Different instructions will otherwise result to divergence from the first order. In such circumstance, the client will be asked to pay extra money for that revision so as to meet the extra work done in a piece of writing on revision. We encourage our clients to contact client support team so as to reach an agreement on the extra charge to be billed for the revision. Our Quality Assurance Team/Department verifies all revision requests thoroughly to ensure that the revision requirements are the same as the first order. In case Our Quality Assurance Team/Department notes any difference, the order is discarded as soon as possible.
  2. If your revision matches with the initial order details, we don’t bill extra charges.
  3. Customers are supposed to send for the revision request within seven days after receipt. In case the revision request comes after that time, we do ask for additional charges. Our client support staffs are online 24/7 to offer clarification and discuss details for extra charges.
  4. Customer has a right to request an order on revision to be assigned to another writer and since we value our clients, we honor such request,
  5. So as to attain 100% contentment, we offer unlimited revisions till the client is satisfied fully with the work. Our objective is to offer high quality academic work that has met particulars stated by the clients. However, we are willing to revise the paper till it meets clients’ expectations. All clients have right to an unlimited number of revisions till the paper is outstanding. We have thoroughly trained writers to provide well researched references for your papers, and they are also willing to do changes if the research work doesn’t meet customer’s directives.
  6. At times, the revision request that you wish to make might differ from the terms and conditions indicated above or you may have a new set of requirements and pages required for your paper. In such case, you are supposed to make a new order rather than revision request. New orders must have concise and vivid instructions so as it can be executed well by the writer who will be assigned to write it. Please understand that if some additional pages are needed, you must either place a new order particularly if the revision time is expired or just make an additional cost for the number of pages you require. Note that the revision period is seven days after the order is receipt.
  7. If you have got and accepted your paper but you understand late that you wish us to revise it, we usually accept it within duration of seven days after the order receipt or approval will still apply. Ensure that you contact the client support staffs so as to prepare revision details as soon as possible. The client support staff will send your request to Our Quality Assurance Team/Department. Then, the quality guarantee team will assess whether the review request meets our terms. The team will also decide whether the order should be revised with or without additional costs. We don’t offer free revision after the stated revision period is over but instead you can make a new order for proofreading and editing.
  8. Order under revision is approved in different deadline. We offer 7 days duration after receipt of the final revised order on your individual account page or email. In such situation, we automatically calculate the time up to a set deadline. When the time expires, the revised order will be termed approved. In addition, the deadline depends on the number of pages for your order. Orders with more than 20 pages requires longer review deadline so as it will be done perfectly. After the approval, we offer 14 days for such long orders.

We shall separate cases where you should pay for revision in order to make it vivid to all clients. Below is the simple summary;

  1. When the matter you wish to place for revision has not met the items indicated in the terms above.
  2. Any kind of changes that alter the details of the first order will result in billing on the part of the client
  3. Lecturer request for more pages in student’s or customer’s order; the client support team will state the extra pages required and the cost to be paid. The customer should make the payment in order for the revision to be done on time and without delays.
  4. Situations where clients have offered wrong information in the first order and have not addressed it with the customer support team will have to cater for additional cost for new instructions. The assigned writer will only go on to working on the order after the payment is done.
  5. If the sources the customer is requesting for in the revision are not available and the writer has to purchase them, the customer requires to cater for the cost of the books required to do revisions if they did not respond to emails and calls done by the client support team to seek his/her approval.

You are entitled to the terms indicated above in the rules. The main objective for the revision policy document is to protect the rights of the customers and prevents any kind of misunderstanding that may come up in the course of launching a revision request with the client support service and the customer. Our task is to make sure that such conflict cases do not happen to support the right image and reputation of the company. We assure our customers that such situations really happen since our support team is ready to solve revision discrepancies 24/7.


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