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Focus On Integrity NOT Confidentiality.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In 250 words or more, discuss the risk and costs of compromised data integrity breaches. Focus on integrity not confidentiality. Look at military, education, science, medicine, finance, utilities, municipalities, etc.

Case Study Kaynia

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Kaynia is an active girl who plays well with others and demonstrates great physical vigor. Kaynia’s performance is satisfactory in most content areas; however, she has a difficult time during writing class. A focus of Kaynia’s third-grade writing class is persuasive essay writing. Although most of her peers are able to write persuasive essays, Kaynia is quite frustrated. She has good ideas but is not able to clearly articulate her point of view.

Kaynia’s teacher remembers a staff development on Strategy Instruction she attended and decides to teach Kaynia a persuasive essay writing strategy she learned there. Kaynia’s teacher has the following instructional goal:
Given a writing prompt, Kaynia will write a persuasive essay, clearly articulating her point of view and providing supporting arguments.

Essay #2: Assumption Essay Thesis Statement

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Answer all the answer:

  1. What particular problem concerned your subject?
  2. What assumptions were embedded in the problem?
  3. How were these assumptions discovered?
  4. What restraints did these assumptions impose?
  5. What, if any, wrong assumptions were made?

Describes the various forms of business ownership and introduces the topic of small business.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Chapter five describes the various forms of business ownership and introduces the topic of small business. The Small Business Administration is a tremendous resource for would be entrepreneurs. Research their resources for business plans and financing.
Explore business plans and government resources for small business at:
The Small Business Administration (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Lets take a look at one of the worlds most prolific franchisers, McDonalds. How much does it cost to buy a franchise and how is the organization structured. Follow their links for franchise information.
Interested in owning a McDonald’s! Check out their site at: McDonalds.com (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Assignment Questions:
1. Everyone is a bit of an entrepreneur. What business have you always dreamed of starting? What would be your plan if you decided to actually start the business? What would be your competitive advantage? What do you think will be the growth areas of our economy in the future that entrepreneurs might want to capitalize on?

2. Review the costs of becoming a McDonald’s franchisee. How much does it cost to buy a McDonalds. Do you feel it would be a good investment?

3. What is your opinion of the crowd sourcing options for financing like kickstarter? Review the website and a few offerings and report back on your findings. www.kickstarter.com (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Do you think this is a viable option to finance a new venture?

Discussion: Emergency Situation

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Locate an online article, web page, YouTube video, or publication from the Hunt Library that discusses and examines an emergency situation where business continuity was utilized. Evaluate the content of the source and discuss.

Information System Management 7

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

As a manager of an organization, you will often need to find ways to cut costs. One way to cut costs is to outsource by hiring another organization to perform the service. Consider the scenario below.
As a manager for the public outreach department, you realize that the current system for managing outreach issues is outdated. You would like to have a new outreach system developed using the Cloudera platform to help manage big data. However, no one in the organization has the expertise. You will have to outsource the project to save on costs and avoid management problems. Two companies have sent in a bid—one from Vancouver, Canada, and one from Mumbai, India. The bid from India was slightly lower than the bid from Canada. Compose a response that includes the elements listed below.
• Define what is meant by outsourcing.
• Explain how Peter Drucker’s statement (covered in the textbook in uCertify) about how one company’s back room is another company’s front room pertains to outsourcing. Use an example.
• Summarize the management advantages, cost reduction, and risk reduction of outsourcing.
• Summarize the outsourcing risks concerning control, long-term costs, and exit strategy.
• Discuss which company you would outsource to and why. Does distance matter?

Eccomerce 7

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Visit two e-commerce websites of your choice, and apply the social marketing process model (outlined on pp. 431–432) to both. Critically compare and contrast the effectiveness of these sites in terms of the dimensions of the social marketing process. Address the questions below in your paper.
1. How well do these sites acquire fans, generate engagement, amplify responses, create a community, and strengthen their brands?
2. What recommendations can you make for these sites to improve their effectiveness at a global and local level?

English Composition II – Week #6 Assignment 1

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Throughout this course, we have been focusing our attention on the practice of arguing to find meaning. Because of that, it is important to practice balancing opposing viewpoints of a single issue. This essay allows you the chance to do just that.

Much of the writing you will be doing throughout your academic and professional career will be argumentative; thus, this essay will help you to hone your rhetorical skills in several ways:

First, this essay will help you to establish an environment of civilized discourse within your writing (essential for productive argumentation);
Secondly, this essay will allow you to practice your research skills in both identifying and integrating sound arguments;
And thirdly, this essay gives you a chance to practice your critical thinking skills—skills you will need for success throughout your academic and professional life.
Remember, the purpose of this essay is not to prove whether you are right or wrong, but instead prove that you can fairly present two sides of an argument and logically determine the best solution to the problem you are faced with. With that in mind, we ask that you withhold your personal opinion, personal judgments of the material, or personal narrative until the concluding remarks of your essay.

*Note that no one writes a polished essay in a single sitting. Start early and give yourself time for multiple revisions.

The rough draft of your essay should meet the following guidelines:

is between 825 and 1200 words in length;
includes direct quotations and paraphrased passages from four or more scholarly texts representing more than one side of the issue;
qualifies each of the authors (authors representing each side of the debate should have compatible credibility);
withholds personal opinion until the conclusion of the essay;
is written clearly, concisely, and accurately;
is written primarily in third-person;
includes a References page;
has been closely edited so that it contains few or no mechanical errors.
Researched Argument Checklist: Use this to evaluate your rough draft against the assignment requirements:

Does this essay present a clear argument on a topic?
Does this essay treat two sides of the argument equally and fairly?
Does the essay cite, at a minimum, four scholarly sources?
Are the authors for the articles qualified? Who are they? Use signal phrases/attributive tags to introduce the authors.
What is the purpose of this essay? What does it do to meet that purpose? How effective is the argument?
Does this essay avoid second person language and limit first person language?
Are there elements of pathos, ethos, and logos in this essay? Do these appeals work together to propose a solution?
Does the essay avoid logical fallacy in the reasoning behind the solution?
Does the essay use APA in-text citation and is there an APA format references page?

Art History

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Select either Pontormo’s Deposition (FIG. 21–30) or Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck (FIG. 21–31), and explain why the painting characterizes Mannerist style. How does your chosen work depart from the Classical norms of the High Renaissance? How would you characterize their relationship to Michelangelo’s Last Judgment (FIG. 21–38)?

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Using an academic journal article as your source, identify and define the ‘social responsibility’ concept as it applies to an industry context of your choice (e.g. mining, finance, government etc.). Using examples, describe factors that can undermine social responsibility performance in your chosen industry context. Using examples, describe the tactics a manager can use to avoid the factors you have identified.

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