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English homework help

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Read the excerpt from A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway (at left under “Readings & Handouts” > “Readings” > “Non-fiction”). Then respond to the reading in a paragraph of at least 200 words. Choose one feature of the writing to focus on in your response (such as use of details, style techniques, wording or punctuation choices, etc; see the “discussion board directions” handout for more ideas). Consider why the writer made the choices that you see here: what might they have been trying to achieve? Use examples from the text to support your observations.
For full credit, please do the following:
• Write at least 200 words and include the word count in your post (Pro tip: use the word count feature in Word or Google Docs).
• Focus on one aspect of the writing and what you think the author was trying to achieve.
• Avoid summarizing or making general comments about the reading; instead, analyze how the writing works.

ASSIGNMENT: Lean Techniques

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Select a business you are familiar with which incorporates lean manufacturing or lean supply chains.

• Evaluate how this firm uses lean strategies and how much lean techniques has improved the firm & efficiency.

• Evaluate ways the firm can go even further to make improvements using lean techniques.

• Use the results you obtained from evaluating this firm to apply to your own business or a business you are interested in which currently does not use lean.

• Develop a 1,050-word report in which you describe your lean evaluation project

Psy 605 Asswk2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This week, you will begin preliminary work on your final assignment in the course, Integrating the Field of Developmental Psychology: A Review of the Literature, which is due in Week Six. To begin, select an age group/developmental stage from the list below:
• Infancy and toddlerhood (0-3 years)
• Childhood (3-12 years)
• Adolescence (13-18 years)
• Young Adulthood (18-40 years)
• Middle-Late Adulthood (40+ years)
In your paper, clearly identify the age group and developmental stage selected. Describe the important physical, emotional, cognitive, and social features of that age group. Analyze that developmental stage from the point of view of at least three developmental theorists (For example, but not limited to the viewpoints of; Piaget, Freud, Erickson, etc.). Summarize the theory you find most useful to explain that developmental stage.
In the creation of the paper, support your selections and conclusions with reasoned arguments. A minimum of three peer-reviewed articles are required for this paper

Measuring Sports Injuries On The Pitch

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

A) Part A: Write 10 important concepts from the article or webinar. Please use complete sentences. B) Part B: Expand on 3 of your Part A concepts in paragraph form (at least 7 sentences per paragraph) C) Part C: reflect on 1 of your Part B concepts and how you could integrate this concept into your coaching. Section C should be reflective and be at least 3 paragraphs long (with 7 sentence paragraphs.)

Public Health Concern

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Identify a public health concern that contributes to health risks or disease. As a governmental official, prepare a public service announcement (PSA) in the form of a two-page brochure to educate the public on this concern. Remember to address the following:

A brief explanation of the concern, including a definition;

How the concern impacts public health, with current statistics;

What citizens can do to protect themselves;

How your agency can address the concern, including measures and surveillance;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – with specific items; and

Whom to contact for additional details (e.g., WHO, Ministry of Health), including an address and phone number.

Your brochure should meet the following structural requirements:

Two-page brochure that includes all elements detailed above.

Conforms to Saudi Electronic University and APA writing standards; be sure to cite any statistics or other information, as appropriate.

Wk3 Assignment

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to assist you in developing research analysis skills, including critical thinking and writing. The annotated bibliography should include the following information for each source:

  1. Name of the article, including the complete bibliographic citation, using APA format
  2. Summary/abstract of the article—annotation. Sometimes it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions in synthesizing the information:
    o Who? (author)
    o What was done? (e.g., an experimental study investigating the interaction of short-term memory and attention)
    o How? (was it done)
    o What were the findings? (identify the major ones)
    o Contributions? (new findings, applications, etc.)

Wk4 Db1 250 Words

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Military education frequently focuses on key “competencies” that must be achieved by the student. According to the article Competency vs. Character? It Must Be Both! (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., what is the problem with a “competency-based” educational process? Do you agree with the authors’ assessment? Why or why not? Is “character” a trait that can be taught by the military, or is it an inherent personality characteristic that an individual must develop themselves? Finally, what role do you think academic study plays in the development of a well-rounded military education? Can academic study help develop the character of a military leader? Why or why not?

Wk3 Db2 250

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

When crafting your Capstone Paper, it is important to be familiar with the historiography of your topic. A literature review will enable you to see what scholarly material is available on your topic, and serve as source information for your research. In your initial post, explain why a literature review is important to any research project. In addition, address how one conducts a review of the literature regarding a specific topic. What types of sources should be reviewed? What types of sources are not appropriate for academic work? Why?

Wk3 Db1 250

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Ethics is an integral part of any educational process, but has a unique place in one’s professional military education. In his article, “Remaining True to Our Values – Reflections on Military Ethics in Trying Times,” Gen. McMaster addresses some of the issues in remaining ethical warriors while combating a unique type of enemy. After reading the article, how do you interpret Gen. McMaster’s remarks regarding maintaining ethics in the War on Terror? What does he think is the primary reason why ethics may be breeched in our current conflicts? Do you agree with his assessment? What are some of the ways in which leaders can try to prevent these ethical breakdowns? Of these, which do you feel is most effective? Why?

Phoenix Math 216 Quantitative Reasoning II Project: Calculations And Visuals

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In this stage you will do statistical reasoning and mathematical modeling to show central tendency and two variable analyses, including regression with equation and R squared value from the data set you chose in Week 2. The purpose of this assignment is to have you practice creating visuals using your own data. This shows you how you will be working with data in your own careers.

The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience creating visuals using the data for the topic you selected in Week 2. Use statistical reasoning and mathematical modeling to show central tendency and two-variable analyses, including regression with equation and R2 value.

Watch How to Create Trendlines and Scatterplots in Excel®.

Watch Lynda.com® Video: Adding Trendlines to Charts.

Watch Lynda.com® Videos: Creating Pie Charts, Histograms, & Box-and-Whisker Plots.

Create at least three visuals.
• One visual must be a scatter plot with trend line, equation, R2 value, and prediction value.
• Two of the remaining required visuals can be of the following format: histogram, box and whisker plot, or pie chart.
• Please note that the data set that you chose in Week 2 includes data that will not be needed to create your visuals. Quantitative reasoning requires critical thinking to decide what data is necessary.
Create a Microsoft® Word document that includes your three visuals and the following items:
• Title of your project and the scenario you are addressing
• Brief description of each visual (15 to 50 words)
• Consider including the following for each visual when applicable:
o A chart title that is appropriate for the data
o A descriptive x-axis label
o A descriptive y-axis label
• For your xy scatter plot, make at least one prediction using the trend line equation for a date in the future. How confident are you in this prediction? State your prediction and provide justification (50 to 150 words).
• If you created a box and whisker plot, describe the central tendency of the values. What does this tell you about the data and about your project?
• Calculate the mean of the sample data.

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