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Domestic Violence Study

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You have been hired to do a services satisfaction survey for the 10 shelters for battered women in your city. A total of 15,000 women received services in the past year and you do not have funding that will allow you to survey everyone.
Discuss how you would create a sample by using either a probability sampling strategy or a nonprobability sampling strategy. Depending on the strategy, which sampling technique would you recommend from the following two groups?
Probability sampling technique: simple random sample, systematic sample, stratified sample or multi-staged, cluster sample
Non-probability sampling technique: quota sampling, convenience, purposive, or snowball
Be sure to address the following questions in your discussion posting:
Which sampling strategy would you use?
Which sampling technique would you use?
What is the strength of using this technique for selecting this sample of all women who received services from the shelter?
Are there any weaknesses in your plan for selecting this sample of all women who received services from the shelter?


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