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Privacy Policy


Our company’s Confidentiality Policy entails details we gather when one gets to be part of us following placing an order, how to make known specific details and the conditions with which we disclose it.



We believe it is helpful and imperative to bring to light the ways in which we handle your personal data, how we really value it and accord the enormous importance to your personal data’s privacy. It is important for every user to appreciate every measure in relation to the privacy and security policy. We generally gather 2 sets of data concerning you:

(a) Data that distinctively identifies you (e.g., Names and Phone Number);

(b) Data that does not independently identify you (e.g., your IP address and browser).

The data is conveyed, processed as required and held;

Mostly, we use this data while offering you our services, doing analysis and reports, and sending relevant messages concerning online shopping through our website;

Further, we might infrequently reveal some details to authorized persons, including our promotional or advertising merchants and their associates;

In case you have any queries or concerns about privacy and security at Usukessays.com, please reach us via our contacts, which are displayed on our site;

Our services and our website, in general, are not intended to be used by or developed for children below 15 years;

We can revise our Privacy and Security Policy whenever we consider necessary. Therefore, our users must check regularly. Any form of amendment shall be notified via email as deemed necessary.


We need the following information from you:

(a) Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) and (b) Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”);

Personally Identifiable Information: PII entails details that individually identify you. We gather PII immediately you decide to join us and whenever you contribute on a feature on our Site e.g. promotion, survey or review. You usually:

  • Give your email address, name, mail/shipping address, credit card number and phone number when registering.
  • Give exact demographic details about you if participating in a survey or poll.
  • Leave a comment and/or recommendation about our website.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (NPII) consists of your browser and also the IP addresses, your understanding of us, the range of visits, operating system and your usage of our web pages.


When accessing our services, your PII and Non-PII are essential in meeting your requests, addressing your different inquiries, understanding your necessities and serving our customers better. We also apply it in other different areas linked with the circumstances to which you issue the information.

We may divulge Non-PII and PII to:

  • Third party businesses who manage and keep data and work on credit card orders;
  • Our parent company, Subsidiaries Company and other associated organizations;
  • Partnering businesses in marketing and/or promotion amongst other relationships;
  • Other situations in which you overtly post remarks, reviews or other information about our services or products, be in touch with other different users through public set ups.

Therefore, we use non-PII in analyzing website delay, understanding the customers’ trends and/or requests, initiating proposed promotional aspects.


At Usukessays.com we cautiously guard your given data while transferring by applying Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software that encrypts data. Also, we make use of a dependable and secured server, firewall protection, guarded access and encryption technology. Please note that even though we strive to protect your PII, we can never permit or guarantee the security of information transmitted or let out to us online and therefore taking no responsibility for obliteration, accidental revealing or stealing of PII. If your personal information is compromised, we later inform you via the last issued out e-mail address as soon as possible. Notably, interruption while informing may result as we do require procedures to verify the extent of the insolence, re-establish integrity to the process and valid requirements of the law enforcement if that notice impedes an unlawful investigation.



After you register with Usukessays.com, you have the permission to constant access to account section. In case of complexity in altering some information, notify us right away. You may choose to shut your membership account, but we might retain certain details in some instances like troubleshooting, implementing of all our Terms of Use, operating system and also due to legal and technical constraints. You however have choices regarding the use of your issued data, including: signing out of email allotments, get to us by clicking here; stop receiving marketing or promotional messages from us.

In case of questions or concerns on the privacy and security policy at Usukessays.com, kindly talk to us.


Our Services and products are not suitable for kids of 14years and below, and they are therefore barred from presenting PII to us. Also, those under 18 years, should access Usukessays.com website while in the company of an adult.


If we find it essential to adjust our privacy and security rule, we will notify you of changes by putting the adjusted policy on the website or via email account.


The Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy contains all of the different terms of use of our Services and products nullifying any other version or statement.


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