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Relational Database

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Consider a LIBRARY database which is used to keep track of books, borrowers, and book loans. The relational schema is depicted below. 2. Try to convert this into a conceptual schema (ER diagram): a. Recall that each table may have come from an entity, a relationship, a weak entity, or a multivalued attribute. Try to figure out which is which. b. Write down any assumptions you make. c. Draw the ER diagram using ERDPlus. 3. This process is called “reverse engineering” because you are taking an existing database and trying to figure out the thought process behind it. 4. Compare your answer with a neighbor. Discuss the assumptions you made. Task 2: Data 5. Download the “sakila-reduced.pdf” database from Canvas. 6. Reverse engineer this database: a. Figure out what the primary keys are. b. Figure out what the foreign keys are. c. Construct the relational schema for this database. For each table, list the attributes. Indicate all primary keys (underlined) and all foreign keys (arrows). You can do this in ERDPlus if you want. d. Draw an ER diagram of a conceptual schema for this database. 7. Show the result to the instructor. 8. Export an image of the ER diagram, and upload it to Canvas under Lab 3.


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