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Statistics and using R program

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Consider dataset “juul” from library “ISwR”.
Are the meansof igf1equalamong tanner groups at 5% level?
Please use the six step process to test statistical hypotheses for this research problem.
Note: You need to convert tanner from numeric to factor type and ignore all the NAs.

2. The following ANOVA table was obtained from a balanced completely randomized design:

1. Fill in the blanks in this table

Source df SS MS
Treatments 368
Error 25 575
Total (corrected) 29

2. Determine the number of treatments

3. Determine the number of replications per treatment.

4. What is the F statistics value?

5. Perform a hypothesis test to see if there is a difference in the true mean responses among the treatments at α = 0.01. The p-value from the test is 0.012.

3. In a study, among 747 patients exposed to a treatment A, 130 patients were diagnosed with disease D. Out of 661 people exposed to no treatment, 202 were positive with D. Please construct the 2 X 2 table and calculate RR and OR. What conclusion can we draw based on RR?

4. Are exposure and disease status independent in part 1? Please use the 6-step chi-square test to do the analysis at 1% significance level.

5. From ISwR package, retrieve the dateset named “caesar.shoe”. Please use help to find out the explanation of the dataset. Then please carry out the 6-step chi-square test to test for independence at 5% significance level.


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