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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. Vocabulary
    • These are also referred as agreement between a company and its clients
    • A product is documentation in electronic format. It is normally the ultimate results of completing an assignment.
    • The corrected form of an original paper which was initialized by the client is called product revision.
    • Quality assurance section is responsible for representing the company’s quality work, with the duty to and assesses to the services offered and the quality of a product.
    • This unit is responsible for moderate research and services that include writing and finishing assignments as clients’ require.
    • Clients are required to validate their bank details to avoid deceitful activities through a confirmation procedure.
    • A company’s administration with a duty to assist and organise order processes is known as support team.
    • Clients within the organisation have a money account known as stare credit.
    • The messaging platform is a communicating feature that is answerable for communications between the customers and writers.
    • Clients are those people who make orders to the company to get products as per the requirements he/she made
    • An order is a mechanical request for a paid service. It is normally done by customer for a particular service.
    • A writer is an individual who has an agreement with the company and offers research and writing services in line with the company terms and conditions.
    • The procedure of a particular step of the assignment is described by the status of an order.
  2. Privacy policy
  • We give the privacy of our clients as the first priority in our company. All the transactions done online are managed through a secure and dependable payment service. However, the company does not guarantee clients’ disclosures of credit card data beyond our control.
  • In some pages on the site, a customer is required to offer name, email address, home address and phone address. This data is used for clarification only.
  • Clients’ data is kept private by restricting communication between the customer and the writer. Our customer support team is available 24/7 so as if one wishes to use any interactive feature on the company’s site can do it freely.
  • Immediately the order is paid, client information and additional files that are required in order to finish the project becomes accessible to the writer. Thus information that is readily exposed by the customer when he/she is assigning an order doesn’t affect the company in any way. Therefore the company will not be liable for such information.
  1. Terms of using and nature of the product
  • Customers have permission to put product in use for as long time as six months. Therefore, when six months are over, the enterprise shall regain whole rights, unlike in the starting when it co-owned with the client.
  • Only experienced experts who are accountable for establishing modern and personalized research. The provided services by the company are capable to locate these experts for professional carrying out of duties and services that affect the clients.
  1. Ordering process
  • When a client is filling out an application form, he/she should ensure that reliable email and phone number is indicated. They may be used when the writer wants to contact the client on the process of working on the order. On other hand, if one does not give the correct contact information it may affect finishing the order resulting to abuse of the terms of the agreement. It is vital that the client should pay for the product so as the company can start working on it. If clients’ fail to do that, it might lead to termination of the order. The 5%, 10% and 15% commitment deductions are not applicable to papers that require multiple choice answers.
  • The placed order will be done as per the given instructions. Instructions should be understandable and to the point. The company will not work with other instructions which are not given within the frame time given. All the revisions done will be based according to the first order. Amendments on the initial requirements for the assignment will be done as editing work. Due to this reason, the company will not reject the request on revision. Thus, additional instructions should be sent to the writer before the order is assigned to him or her.
  • Writers are allowed to use any applicable materials available when working on the assignment. The clients are required by the company to offer any source of information that they wish to be used to complete the project.
  • If the client chooses inappropriate level of academic he/she will bear the liability. It is the duty of the customer to choose the correct level of academic that suits his/her assignment when making an order.
  • The message system is an easier and effective way to communicate with the writer and the administration team. Ignoring the message service will not be adequate reason for refund requests.
  • The company will reoffer wrong order placements if the details specified are not dependable or don’t coupe with the original instructions given.
  • Customers are advised to regularly communicate with the administration team to check on the progress of the orders via personal account on the site. Once the order is finished, it will be uploaded to the client to download it for review. If the customer requires revision on the paper, the writer who completed it will do the revision according to the order instructions.
  • Clients can request for drafts from writers if the assignment is due in 3 to 48 hours, but the company does not give guarantee on the draft.
  • Sometimes clients may designate their ideal writers when making orders. Thus the company maintains the right to decline this request based on the record of the writer.
  1. Downloading and delivery rules
  • Offering high quality work and ensuring that our clients are contented is our main objective. Therefore, the company will be accountable for matters that results from spams, lack of internet access, filter, or incorrect email. Our customer support staffs are available 24/7 to assist our clients.
  • We don’t account for the assignment which is submitted on time and the client fails to download the project on time. In case of such issue, the customer will fully pay for the service and there will be no refunds if that happens.
  1. The Verification Procedure
  • The company will guard the customer’s billing data so as to reduce any schemes to deceive the client. Due to this reason, the client may be requested to offer a copy of the credit card, passport, and official identity card and the bank authorization code.
  • Client is in charge of ensuring that he/she complies with the company’s ant-fraud processes soon as it is requested.
  1. Termination
  • If the customer fails to cooperate, the company has the mandate to terminate any paid order.
  1. Revision
  • The company has an adjustment policy to ensure that its clients are contented and that the completed assignment reflects clients’ expectations. Thus the quality assurance department maintains the obligation to control amendments on assignments, or decline requests for revision in the event that the first order details have been altered.
  1. Satisfaction Assurance
  • The assignment is written from the scratch to be original and submitted before the deadline. We do thorough check on plagiarism on all written papers using advanced software to offer 100% original products. But the company does not guarantee editing and proofreading to be 100% unique. We don’t test any material which is not produced by our company.
  • If the customer wishes to cancel an assignment, he/she can do so before the assignment if finished.
  1. Waiver Breach
  • All the remedies presented in this agreement shall be constructed as collective in addition to any other remedy offered here with.
  • Waivers by the enterprise of any breach of agreement shall be held to be waivers of any other following breach.
  1. Amendments
  • The company has the right to adjust, revise or alter any and all provisions of this agreement.
  1. Miscellaneous Provisions
  • The whole agreement consists of all the terms between the customer and the company. No other statements or promises have been made by either party if not clearly authorized under this agreement.


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